Thema HeadshotThema Reed is a Product Marketing Manager at Indeed working remotely in Austin, TX who started in October 2021. Her passion for marketing and helping others helped land her dream job #insideindeed. 


Thema’s works in our Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) org and in her role as a Product Marketing Manager, she works with our Product team to learn about their new products and goals. This enables her to collaborate with our Sales and Client Success teams to ensure clients are using the right products for them while also learning what their experiences are like using them. A major part of her role is ensuring our internal teams as well as our clients understand how much they can get from using our products. 

“I had an old boss who used this analogy that I love that product marketing managers are kind of like octopuses that have their tentacles in every team in the organization to pass around information and data.” 

One of her favorite things about Indeed is its constant innovation.

“A big thing is that Indeed has shifted in the past couple of years that I think is really important is really starting to position ourselves as a complete hiring platform. When you log onto Indeed you really can do every step of the process. It’s saving people so much time.” 

Working with internal teams allows her to then work within the Marketing org to create marketing strategies, messaging, and content that illustrates just how great Indeed is for our clients. 

Having recently concluded her job search, she shares some advice to job seekers who are currently looking for the right job for them. 

“My first step was sitting down with a notebook, pen in hand, and fleshing out ‘if I had my dream job this is exactly what I would look for.’ That could be everything from salary, to what kinds of people do you want to work with, is diversity and inclusion really important to you, what kinds of projects do you want to work on, and what does your day-to-day look like.” 

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