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Working remotely at Indeed amidst the Melbourne lockdown

What is it like working remotely prior to the pandemic? Senior Client Success Specialist, Som shares his story and his experience working remotely amidst a lockdown in Melbourne.

Som Viswanath is a Senior Client Success Specialist at Indeed Sydney but works remotely from Melbourne. He has an extensive variety of work experiences ranging from being a qualified architect, to a lecturer and a Digital Media Executive. 

These days, working from home has given many of us a preview of what it’s like to work remotely. But what is it like working remotely prior to the pandemic? 

Som standing outside using 2 umbrellas to keep dry

While taking a career break, Som was approached by a friend who was working at Indeed at the time. She sold him the dream – to work for a global brand, the #1 job site in the world and work remotely. “It was too good an opportunity to pass up and my dream became a reality,” Som shares. 

Som has been working out of Melbourne since he joined and is one of the first people working remotely at Indeed in Australia.

In this Culture Matters podcast, Som shares his experiences, challenges and some of the ways he overcomes the challenges he faces while working remotely. He also shares what it’s like working amidst the Melbourne lockdown in recent times.

“The first things people usually ask me is, do you actually do any work? I do have KPIs, I do have targets, and if I didn’t do my job, I wouldn’t be hitting those targets,” Som said.

Som and his cat friend in his home office

While walking us through his experience during the lockdown in Melbourne, he also shares one of his biggest struggles, “We were restricted to a 5km radius from where we lived and we had to work from home. The one thing that changed before the pandemic was that I used to travel for work; I used to travel to Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane to meet clients… I used to travel quite a bit and that got taken away from me. That was a real struggle for me.

Som also explains how he manages work having one work office at home, while living with his partner who also shares the same workspace. 

To find out more about Som’s story and tips to manage remote working, listen in on this episode of our Culture Matters podcast.



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How a Frenchman ended up an engineer, father and Indeedian in Tokyo

André Boivineau is a Tokyo-based engineer at Indeed shares his story about how his career began in Asia, and the milestones so far… including starting a family in Japan.

André Boivineau is a Tokyo-based engineer at Indeed shares his story about how his career began in Asia, and the milestones so far… including starting a family in Japan.

Although I just celebrated my first anniversary with Indeed, I have been working in Japan since I graduated 12 years ago. 

I arrived in Japan as an exchange student for my last semester before graduation. I had an idea to start my career here but was far from expecting I would build such a long and strong attachment to this country. Now I’m settled in with two adorable kids.  

Andre and family on a garden pathWhen I started my career in Japan, I had a preconceived notion that this would not be compatible with raising a family, especially coming from a country with a different culture.  

My first job was in a Japanese company, and really there weren’t a lot of resources customized for a new grad joining from aboard. I’m deeply grateful to my Japanese friends who helped me to figure out most of what I needed to know back then.  

My perception started to change as I got to make connections with more and more foreigners who had been successful in this experience.

I was able to see how they solved the questions that arise when planning for a family life: choice of an employer to support work-life balance, housing, place of education for kids, administrative questions etc…

When I got lost in procedures to put together my PR application, a former colleague shared with me detailed notes they documented on how to prepare an application.

When I struggled to understand the subtleties of savings and loans in Japan, an alumni of my university living here for years ran me through the details.  

Practical answers to such questions gave me confidence I could sustain and enjoy a long term stay in Japan.

Showing off Indeed’s newborn swag

In Indeed Tokyo we’re lucky to already have a large and supportive community, including “veteran” expatriates, always here to answer each other’s questions. The one thing I regret is that Indeed didn’t have a Tokyo office back in 2008 !

By the time I joined Indeed, my first kid had just turned 3 years old, and I was two months away from becoming the happiest man on earth for the second time.

I was quite worried about how this new birth would interfere with starting a new job, but Indeed’s combination of open-PTO and protected parental leave made it a harmonious experience. 


Both my wife’s family and mine live far away, and open-PTO allowed me several times to take care of the kids when they were sick, attend their school’s events or plan trips with my kids to meet their grand-parents in France.

Not to mention flexible working hours which I benefited from as early as my very first day for an unexpected early pick up at the daycare!

To anyone settling in Japan with family and children or would plan to do so, my piece of advice may sound trivial yet is I believe paramount : make sure your professional activity will allow for some sort of time flexibility. 

Using open PTO to attend a school event

The unpredictability of a family life will be amplified by the challenges of living aboard, but can be managed just fine and become a wonderful experience with a supportive professional environment.

When I was approached by Indeed, I remember I was in a phase of my career questioning myself and the sense of purpose I was longing for. Indeed’s mission immediately resonated with me: We Help People Get Jobs.

I believe that, from this mission, results in a lot of Indeed’s success: attracting genuine and motivated people with a strong sense of ownership, which means they can be fully entrusted to make decisions. 

Every team is expected to come up with ideas and plot their own course. Knowing that I will be able to influence many aspects of my work is a strong motivation driver, and I’m even more excited to see what great ideas my colleagues will come up with.

The same way I spent a decade in Tokyo I hope I can spend another decade with Indeed (or more!!) as I feel extremely lucky to have found this rare combination: a fantastic employer in one of the best cities in the world.

 To learn more about Indeed Tokyo, click here.



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Are speed interviews like speed dating? A University Recruiter’s perspective

Alan Lim, a University Recruiter based in Singapore shares what his role entails as well as tips and tricks to prepare for a speed and virtual interview.

Alan in front of living wall with Indeed logo in lights

Alan Lim is a University Recruiter based in Singapore. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry from the National University of Singapore, and has been with Indeed for close to two years. In this podcast, he shares what his role entails as well as tips and tricks to prepare for a speed and virtual interview.

As part of the Talent Attraction team, Alan is responsible for connecting with students and those who oversee employer relations in universities.

He also recruits students for both graduate and intern positions at Indeed.

“The main part of my job is to engage students in universities, share what we do at Indeed and how we help people get jobs. I also organise webinars and workshops to help students with interview skills, resume writing and technical skills,” Alan shared in a podcast conversation with Inside Indeed.

Zoom attendees with the same We help people get jobs virtual background

“There are regular series of talks where we get speakers from the Engineering, Data Science and Product teams to share with students about their job scope… and if students are interested to join the team, they can link up with us individually,” Alan said.

Alan and co-workers wearing I help people get jobs shirt in front of presentation screen

He also talks about speed and virtual interviews. In the podcast, he walks us through what these types of interviews entail, tips and tricks on how to differentiate ourselves and how to perfect an elevator pitch.

Alan also gives advice on some of the key things to keep in mind and prepare before you attend a virtual interview.


To find out more, listen in on this episode of our Culture Matters podcast via the SoundCloud player below:

We hope this gives you some tips to prep for your next speed or virtual interview. If you would like to read more stories from our university graduates or interns, find out more here.




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A sneak peek into working inside Indeed’s Tokyo Roppongi office

Our Business Recruiter, Go Araki gives us a glimpse of what it’s like working in our Roppongi office in Tokyo.

Author and co-worker play ping pong in the new officeGo Araki is a Business Recruiter at Indeed Tokyo. Here, he gives us a glimpse of what it’s like working from one of our Tokyo offices.


As mentioned in a previous article, Indeed Japan has moved its head office to our brand new space at Roppongi.

“What an amazing workspace!” Those were the first words that came to mind when I arrived at the office.

I joined Indeed Japan in February 2019, and it has been about a year now, but looking back, the first thing that caught my attention was the office environment. It was beautiful, spacious and had an open working culture and it’s even better now in our new Roppongi office.

New cafe lounge area inside Indeed office

Before I changed jobs, I was working for an established Japanese company, and I hadn’t noticed it at the time, but the office environment was a traditional one where it was quite conservative and did not have such an open work culture. 

Wall of drink and snack coolers in the cafe at Indeed office

I’m grateful for many things now at Indeed Japan and I wanted to share a couple of perks we get here at Indeed:

  • A variety of drinks 
  • Different types of coffee makers
  • There’s always cereal, snacks and sweets available at our pantries
  • There is also fresh fruits, pudding, yogurt, and juice
  • Breakfast and lunch is provided

We are blessed with the variety of food and drinks at the office and I think I can even just live in the office.

Cafe seating at Indeed office

In addition to the variety of food and drinks, our workspace and office equipment is incredible:

  • We have ample desk space
  • The seating is also great with sufficient space between workstations
  • We have an ergonomic adjustable standing desk
  • Sufficient meeting rooms
  • There is a game room
  • Video conferencing system


All our meeting rooms across offices globally are themed. At Roppongi, one area of our meeting rooms are named according to Japanese gods. 

Sky view from lounge area

You can choose to work from a workspace overlooking the views of the city.

We help people get jobs mural in the lobby

The advantages of having a spacious workspace means that there will always be sufficient rooms to host guests, have team meetings and conduct interviews.

This helps us become more efficient as we spend less time coordinating room bookings or allocation among ourselves. We can then spend more time focusing on achieving our objectives.

Though room booking and coordination seems like a small challenge, the difference of not having to do that has a substantial impact on the work that we deliver.

I hope my sharing gives you some insights into working at Indeed Japan. 

Find out more about our Tokyo offices here.



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Contract to Full-time: How I Became A… Sales Director in Sydney

Natalie Seaman walks us through her journey at Indeed, her passion for coaching and developing people, and what it takes to be successful in a sales team. 

Natalie Seaman walks us through her journey at Indeed, her passion for coaching and developing people, and what it takes to be successful in a sales team. 

I was originally referred by a friend of an Indeed employee. I had heard of the company because of its excellent reputation. I knew it was the world’s number one job site, respected for being innovative and inclusive, with a great work culture. What’s not to like! 

The idea of working for a company that puts job seekers first, giving them free access to search for jobs and post resumes also appealed to me. We all know how hard it can be finding a good, suitable position, so I was attracted to a company that had that mission statement at its heart. It’s good to feel you are helping people while contributing to a company’s success, learning and having fun at the same time. Win win!

At the time of referral, I had been offered a position at another tech company, but opted to attend the interview at Indeed as it was a dynamic start-up in a small office overlooking The Sydney Opera house and Harbour Bridge – a dream for a Brit!

In the interview, I was told that they were looking for two people to help launch the Content team in Sydney. It was only a pilot project, and the role might only last for two months. I readily accepted and as soon as I joined, I knew this was a company I could see myself with for the long haul. With that mindset, I was more determined than ever to make an impact on the Content team, with the goal to become a permanent Indeedian. The pilot was successful and the following weeks and months saw the team grow and my contract was extended. 

After six months in the role, I moved to an Account Executive role looking after the Staffing segment (the team focusing on recruitment firms) and then shortly after, I was asked to help start up the Dradis team (which is the team looking after all businesses that operated solely on the hosted platform). This proved very successful where the revenue and team grew very quickly, and I was promoted to Team Lead after overachieving all of my targets. 

Being a Team Lead helped me focus on my passion for coaching and developing people to perform to their very best, helping them achieve their targets, as well as my own. After a successful year in the role as Team Lead, I was promoted to a Sales Director. 

It’s been an incredible journey and I’m hugely grateful for the opportunities Indeed has presented me with. 

It’s great to work for a company that seeks to invest in its talent and promote from within – this brings about great loyalty and respect.

Author and friends at a trailwalk

This experience has taught me skills that I am able to bring with me wherever I go. From wearing many hats in my current role, I’ve picked up skills such as the ability to be flexible, work under pressure, collaborate well with others, have good communication skills and determination. Not forgetting a good sense of humour – that goes a long way in life!

As I learn to sharpen those skills, grit, passion, hard work and dedication has helped me achieve my goals.

Indeed is a highly innovative company that is ever evolving and re-inventing itself, so we need to be resilient and be able not just to adapt to change, but also thrive and be successful within the ‘new world’. 

We operate in a highly competitive industry so we also need to be courageous enough to try new methods and dare to make mistakes – as long as we learn from them.

Author and friends on a sunset hike

I love the working culture here in Sydney. Our culture is inspiring, fun, collaborative and hugely supportive. Indeed Australia is currently number two in the market and this drives us as employees to fight even harder for every deal to get to our goal of being number one. 

I believe this translates into the constant collaboration across teams to increase performance and close those deals that will get us to number one in the Australian market. Together we are stronger! 

There are many aspects of my job which I find rewarding… here are a few that makes me want to get up in the morning and perform to the best of my abilities: 

  • Smashing sales figures
  • Developing and motivating others – seeing them learn, grow, perform and be their best selves. When one person wins, we all win!
  • Inspiring the team. Sales is a hugely exciting and dynamic area of the business – with great highs and therefore great lows too. It’s my job to ensure people get through those lows, motivating them to push on, do better and perform to the best level they can. I get a great deal of satisfaction from this part of my role.

That said, these aspects are also the reason for my hiring decisions for the team. A good resume can only tell you so much about a person, so when I am looking for candidates I want to really understand what drives them. 

Sales is not an easy role, so I look for people with true grit and determination, resilience and people who are strong team players. We are only as strong as our weakest performer. These are essential attributes that can see individuals thrive and contribute to the success of Indeed. 

In addition to a great team and learning from them, I feel proud to work for a company that is ahead of the field when it comes to diversity, inclusion and belonging. 

Author and friends in the Indeed booth at a Pride celebration

At Indeed, we have Inclusive Resource Groups (IRGs) and as I believe in leading by example, I actively participate in these initiatives to drive engagement and awareness to my team and the organisation. 

I am one of the founding members of iPride which has been established for over 4 years and Access Indeed that was established two and a half years ago. In addition, I have also recently joined the All Generations Empowered IRG. 

For me, working closely with these groups has made me more mindful, compassionate, supportive and most of all, a more well-rounded Sales Director that treats all employees equally and gives them the space to bring their true authentic self to work. 

As I am a huge champion of diversity, I believe whole-heartedly that ‘in difference there is strength’! It has been proven in multiple studies that diverse work forces produce high-performing, happier work cultures – and in turn, more profitable companies too. 

In short, nothing but positives come from cultivating a diverse workforce.

Author holds up her Indeed scarf at a sporting event

I wanted to end with a quote from my current heroine, Jacinta Ardern who’s the New Zealand Prime Minister. She is universally respected and most importantly, she is true to her own leadership style. In her words:

“One of the criticisms I’ve faced over the years is that I’m not aggressive enough or assertive enough, or maybe somehow because I’m empathetic it means I’m weak. I totally rebel against that. I refuse to believe that you cannot be both compassionate and strong.”

― Jacinta Ardern

Believe in yourself. Don’t second guess yourself and be true to your own leadership style. 

She who dares, wins!

For more stories about our series on ‘How I Became A…’, visit our blog page here.



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