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Back to school: Meet the teachers of Indeed

Our team strives to deliver meaningful learning experiences to Indeedians around the globe that keeps them engaged and creates behavioral change that will help them be more productive and perform better in their roles.

Jen facilitating at Manager Fest 2019

Meet the team that creates a culture of education and growth at Indeed

Jen Muyldermans is a Manager on the Learning Experience (LX) Facilitation team and co-creator of Indeed’s Manager Fest. She leads a team of talented facilitators #insideindeed Austin and Tokyo. She shares her career journey and how her team helps Indeedians keep their tools sharp in the toolkit.

Team building in Tokyo

I joined Indeed three and a half years ago as a Facilitator. Prior to that, I spent the majority of my career managing people in the retail and real estate industries. Without ever having a formal Learning & Development or Training team to rely on in the past, I would take it upon myself to informally help with the development of others around me. 

The Learning Experience team, which is a part of Employee Development, focuses on creating a safe space where Indeedians can share experiences, ask questions, and give their own perspectives. From manager development, to career pathing, to how to give and take feedback, we strive to support the holistic growth of all employees.

In previous companies that I worked for we never had conversations about things like emotional intelligence, communication preferences or unconscious bias, but now it’s language that we use on a regular basis. 

Growing with Indeed

Jen facilitating in Austin

Once I started at Indeed, my eyes were opened to the L&D world that I barely knew existed. Never before had I been part of a team, much less an entire company, that truly cares about unlocking the greatness in each of its employees.

It’s fascinating to hear different perspectives when we come together as a team. We’re constantly looking for ways to iterate and innovate when it comes to our learning experiences, so we can reach more people and deliver meaningful curriculum for the needs of our learners. 

Tim, #insideindeed Scottsdale

My colleague, Tim, a Senior Learning Experience Facilitator, explains, “We are able to listen to peoples’ stories and struggles, and work towards giving them the tools to unlock their pathway to success.”

From teacher to tech

The LX team consists of individuals from all backgrounds and levels of experience, including people who started their careers in public education and pivoted their classroom skills towards L&D in big tech. Many people don’t realize how transferable their skills and experiences actually are.   

Mark, #insideindeed Austin

“Making the career pivot to Indeed, having been a middle school teacher for the majority of my adult life was exciting, scary and unknown all at the same time. The biggest adjustment for me was around my mindset,” Mark, a Senior Learning Experience Facilitator in Austin says about his teaching background.

“As a teacher, I was used to being the ‘keeper of the knowledge,’ transferring my knowledge to my students and here at Indeed, I am truly a facilitator of information. My role is to support managers in their own development: provide a space where they can engage with concepts from our trainings, apply their learnings to their jobs and most importantly, learn from the experience of other managers at Indeed.”

Sarah, #insideineed Dublin

Sarah, a Senior Learning and Development Facilitator in Dublin adds, “Coming from a teaching background, I had only recently discovered the world of Learning and Development when I was hired, since then I’ve had the privilege to work with smart, passionate, and ambitious people on the Employee Development team at Indeed who have helped me grow.”

Read about Sarah’s journey from teaching to Indeed in this Instagram post.

Learning & Development on-demand

“IndeedLearn” is our internal platform that houses content from training teams across the company. Employees can sign up for offerings in various formats in order to keep learning and developing. Our team strives to deliver meaningful learning experiences to Indeedians around the globe that keeps them engaged and creates behavioral change that will help them be more productive and perform better in their roles.

Ramy, #insideindeed Düsseldorf

Senior Learning Experience Facilitator, Ramy in Düsseldorf, describes some of his favorite tools for both teaching and learning.

“What I love about IndeedLearn is how much content it offers for my personal and professional development. From EEDev (Employee Development) courses like Emotional Intelligence at Work or Lead the Feed, to articles and Ted talks about building trust and psychological safety, the platform offers everything we need to become the best version of ourselves!”

“You’re giving people the skills they need to do even better work, be more productive, and make a greater impact on the business. As employees, we feel like we work for a company that cares about our growth and wellbeing. And when it comes to things like soft skills in particular, I think it’s a huge part of building the culture that makes Indeed such a great place to work,” Michelle, a Learning Experience Facilitator in Austin, adds.

Michelle, #insideindeed Austin

In addition to on-going training sessions, Indeed provides every employee an annual stipend for professional development even outside of Indeed.

LX has done a lot of really cool and innovative things over the last few years, but something I’m most proud of was seeing our team pivot when we were asked to work from home. Everyone rallied together to transform all of our in-classroom sessions into versions that could be delivered virtually so that our fellow Indeedians could continue to get the personal and professional development they needed without extensive delays. A great example would be our most recent Manager Fest in April/May, which was completely virtual this year.

Read about how leading with empathy helped our Employee Development team create a new virtual manager training. Check out our Instagram highlights from Manager Fest @ Home here.

Yvette, #insideindeed Dublin

Developing ourselves while helping others grow

While we are researching various topics and thinking of ways to best develop our fellow Indeedians, we are also learning a lot about ourselves and aiding our own development. Whether teacher or student, there’s learning happening on both sides.

“It can be so easy to ignore our own development when we are spending our time developing others, but ultimately we have to practice what we preach, and that means spending the time to not only understand the content of our courses, but also live it so we can speak from experience.” Yvette, a Learning Experience Facilitation Manager in Dublin, explains.

Zack, #insideindeed Tokyo

Zach, a Senior Learning Experience Facilitator in Tokyo, adds, “The more I work in developing others, the more I find myself being developed,”

With previous employers, I saw coaching as a negative because a lot of the time it was seen as disciplinary action. At Indeed, it’s quite the opposite. Just like teaching, coaching is an investment. It’s used to nurture and help us grow, whether that’s #insideindeed or even beyond.

Jen & her daughter

Along with that, our team holds true to its motto of “be kind to yourself” so that when we are at work, we’re able to put our best foot forward. As a mother of a small child, I feel so grateful knowing that if I need to take time off to take care of my family, I don’t have to feel guilty about it.

I’ve been really proud to see my team flex their creative muscles in their roles in order to help each other out and provide additional support whenever needed. They care so much about each other personally and professionally and I’m so grateful to be a part of it.

To learn more about all the benefits offered at Indeed, click here. For more Indeedian stories, read our #insideindeed culture blog.



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2648Abeni and dog on YOU DayPerks & Benefits

The birth of ‘YOU Day’ at Indeed and the importance of a shared day off

In May 2020, Indeedians received a very special update from our Senior Leadership team (SLT). Topics such as the importance of self-care and mental health during this global pandemic have been discussed at length...

How Indeedians got a monthly global holiday they didn’t know they needed

In May 2020, Indeedians received a very special update from our Senior Leadership team (SLT). Topics such as the importance of self care and mental health during this global pandemic have been discussed at length in monthly Q&A sessions with Indeed’s leadership, prompting one Indeedian to suggest a global company holiday. Leadership listened and we had our very first YOU day on May 22, 2020.

Indeed SVP of HR, Paul Wolfe working from home with his 2 ‘assistants

“Because of technology, the line that used to exist between work and life is really blurred or non-existent so you need to get to the point where you are managing someone’s performance by what they deliver. It’s not about the number of hours in the day they work,” Senior VP of HR, Paul Wolfe explained to the Irish Times recently.

“Also, right now we’re not in a normal working-from-home situation. We are in the midst of a pandemic and trying to work at the same time. This is not a normal WFH experience,”  he added.


Indeed CEO, Chris Hyams

On top of dealing with the stress of a global pandemic, many of us are dealing with unique challenges, from living alone to balancing work and child care to managing pre-existing health conditions to processing racist and xenophobic acts of violence in our communities” said Chris Hyams, CEO for Indeed in a recent virtual Q&A.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

“Everyone is experiencing the effects of this pandemic differently, and a lot of people are suffering,” he adds.

“If there’s one comfort to take away from what’s going on, it’s that we’re not alone.”

Expanding YOU Day throughout 2020

Our first YOU day encouraged employees to take a well-deserved break to spend time with family, reconnect with loved ones, or just take the day for themselves. The feedback  was so positive, we decided to extend these holidays right through to November, typically falling on a Friday or Monday in the third week of each month.

Sally celebrating her YOU day

“I couldn’t believe how lucky we were…I feel so grateful to work for a company that prioritises the health and well being of their staff. I took full advantage of my recent YOU day, taking a trip to the Blue Mountains to get outdoors and explore,” National Account Manager, Sally in Sydney, explains.

In June, YOU Day fell on Juneteenth, an important date for African American freedom in the United States, allowing Indeedians to learn and reflect in light of the current racial unrest around the world.

Election Days across the globe have also been incorporated into the YOU day calendar so Indeedians can exercise their civic duty without having to adjust their work schedules.

Below are some examples of how YOU Days are allowing us to unplug and enjoy the important things in life outside of work.

Celebrating YOU Day

The Krupp kids celebrate YOU Day with mom




“INDEED YOU DAY Crafts w/the kiddos! Thanks Indeed for giving me a full day to be a mommy!” – Mindy Krupp


Helen repping Indeed in the mountains of Wales



“Took advantage of my #insideindeed ‘Happy YOU Day’ this month to head to Wales for some adventures 🏔 I’m super grateful to work for a business where I can use my Open PTO and these extra days off to explore this beautiful country.” – Helen Durkin, London


Preeti and her new haircut




“Today was me day, indeed gave us you day and after 3 tough weeks I decided to pamper myself…Love my look and of course spending time with boys and coffee.” – Preeti Sikri, Stamford, Connecticut






Erol Bilginoglu on a beautiful scenic cliff walk in Howth, Ireland.




Staying fresh beyond YOU Day

While many of us are missing out on those vital in-person connections with friends, families and colleagues that help us get through distressing times, there is always someone out there who understands what we’re going through or who is at least willing to listen. This includes our entire Senior Leadership team #insideindeed. They hear us, they feel for us, and they continue to offer solutions.

YOU days are in addition to Indeed’s open PTO policy, which allows Indeedians in good standing to take time off when needed without it counting against an accumulated number of leave days.

“The aim of paid time off is to get people to take more time off and, if they’re performing well and we can accommodate it, we encourage them to take the time before they hit the wall of really needing a break. We know people are happier, more productive and more engaged when they come back and we’ve still been able to manage our business effectively and meet our key performance indicators with paid time off in place,” Paul Wolfe said about the policy.

All this helps us be rested, refreshed and ready to help people get jobs.

Watch the video below to see all the ways Indeedians are taking advantage of their YOU Days.

Read more Indeedian stories on our #insideindeed culture blog.





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From Marketer to Product Manager and New Dad – Hear Jon’s Tips for Both Roles

Product Manager Jon Clemons shares his ideation process, how he developed the Indeed Resume Maker app (履歴書作成-インディード) and his experience working #insideindeed Tokyo.

Jon Clemons is a Product Manager at Indeed Tokyo. He walks us through his ideation process and how he developed the Indeed Resume Maker app (履歴書作成-インディード), his challenges and life #insideindeed Tokyo.


Jon is part of the Product team at Indeed and has extensive experience in product and growth throughout his career. He moved to Tokyo in his third year of college and has been there ever since. He has a passion for coding and enjoys having conversations and discussions about design.

If you’re curious to find out about what it’s like being a product manager in the tech industry, or have ideas you would love to bring to life, this episode of our Culture Matters podcast may be an interesting listen for you. 

“Having come to Japan, when I was in college, I worked part-time jobs and I knew the resume format was different from the US. I saw that gap in the market in terms of the competing offerings out there, and there were some things I thought would be useful as well.” Jon shares his own experience on resume writing, and breaks down his ideation process of the Indeed Resume Maker in the Culture Matters podcast.

“One of the shared points that most people bring up is that you have to be a good collaborator. Kind of like with the gratitude journal… when my wife handed the pen to me, I thought she was writing in her journal, and she suggested I write and we had a shared thing. You have to be open to similar feedback and suggestions from your team as a Product Manager. It’s a lot of collaboration and ideation together; and the great thing about that is that you get new ideas.” Jon shares in a podcast conversation with Inside Indeed.

Jon gives us insights into the working culture and what it takes to be successful in the Product team at Indeed.

In the interview, Jon also shares about failure, how to overcome it and advice on becoming a successful product manager

“If you ever wanted to start an idea or build something, but you’re not an engineer or a designer, I don’t think that it’s a hurdle to becoming a product manager. The most important thing is that you understand the discipline of product management, you do projects on the side and you make it known to people who would be potential mentors. The combination of all those things, the advice, the things you learn, the failures and your side projects will prepare you to be a really good product manager.” Jon shares.

Jon highlights the diversity of being a product manager, and the advantages of being able to connect and touch on different aspects of products and teams across the business.

“In meetings with Engineers, we’re talking about features and how to implement things. It’s a lot about breaking down big problems into really small tasks, and really small chunks and attacking it one by one. I can also jump into meetings with our UX Designers and we can do virtual whiteboarding.” Jon shared.

To find out more, listen to this episode of our Culture Matters podcast.

For more stories on #insideindeed, follow us on our Instagram and Facebook pages.



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Engineer, mentor and mother: How this woman does it all at Indeed Hyderabad

Engineer, mentor and mother... Amulya Bandikatla is a Staff Software Engineer at Indeed Hyderabad. She shares her experience in tech and working at Indeed.

Amulya Bandikatla is a Staff Software Engineer at Indeed Hyderabad. She has a passion for mentoring and shares her experience in tech and working at Indeed.

If you are a Software Engineer, a woman in tech or looking to get insights on the tech industry, this episode of our Culture Matters podcast may be an interesting listen for you. 

As part of the Indeed Apply team, Amulya helps people get jobs by ensuring job seekers can apply to the jobs they want with ease.

“I design the backend systems for Indeed Apply to improve the performance of the system and to work on one that is highly scalable so our job seekers can have their applications delivered to the employer in the way they want and to the right job,” Amulya shares in a podcast conversation with Inside Indeed

Listen to the full podcast here or click on this link

In the interview, she shares what inspired her to become an engineer and the support she has gained to achieve the work life balance she has today.

“I’ve been in a room with 20, 25 people where I was the only woman in the room but I think this is evolving. In my opinion, family support is very important,” Amulya says. 

Amulya shares in her experience, unless there is proper support at home, it’s difficult for a female member of the family to step out to work.

“Indeed has been very flexible in understanding the kind of requirements a working mother and working woman has. The management is helpful enough to check in with me if I’m comfortable or if there’s anything they can improve on their end to make things better at work.”

In the interview, Amulya also delves into some of the systems and structures in place at Indeed to support Indeedians in harmonizing their professional and personal life. 

Amulya speaking at Pycon India 2019 about Indeed’s Endeavor to “Push on Green”. Click to watch the full video.

With an interest in mentoring, she explains in the podcast how Indeed designed a mentoring program to coach an intern into a moving from a Software Engineer role to a Developer role.

In addition to that, being an Indeedian gave her the opportunity to educate and share her knowledge with tech communities such as speaking at tech events.

In a brief video below, Amulya shares why she joined the company and what it’s like working at Indeed.

For more information and jobs at Indeed Hyderabad, click here.

Indeed is also calling out women in India who code to join our SheCodes competition. Put your problem-solving and coding skills to the test and win exciting prizes.

Register for the coding challenge now! Registration closes on 4 September 2020.



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2675Career Growth

How I Became A… Director of Sales (post-maternity leave!)

In our second installment of 'How I Became A....', Mun-Yee Harrison talks us through how she suffered from imposter syndrome after coming back from maternity leave.

Mun-Yee Harrison talks us through how she suffered from imposter syndrome after coming back from maternity leave. She had lost all her confidence and nearly passed up the opportunity to become a sales director. Here’s her story. 

When Mun-Yee Harrison was still in school, she knew she wanted to work in media, but wasn’t sure in what aspect. 

But after graduating from Westminster University with a degree in media, Mun-Yee knew that particular career path wasn’t for her. She did, however, still want to work in and around the industry. 

Following a few questionable interviews – the weirdest being for a motorbike magazine where she needed an interest in motorbikes and should have attended motorbike conventions – she set her sights on a career in media sales. 

“Sales wasn’t something that crossed my mind but I don’t think it is when you are at school,” she said. 

Having had various sales roles throughout school and university, she knew sales was something she had a flair for but had never considered it to be something she’d pursue as a career. 

Her first role was with The Guardian, where she spent 12 years working her way up from telesales to managing a business area. 

“It was a fantastic introduction to the world of media sales in what I still feel is one of the best journalistic brands out there,” she recalled. 

Meanwhile, in the world of recruitment, media and tech had changed dramatically, and Mun-Yee said Indeed was always an organisation that was a key competitor when she was speaking with clients.

She added: “I didn’t know a lot about Indeed as the brand wasn’t as big in the UK then; it was the sleeping giant which people didn’t expect to become such a huge player in the world of recruitment.”

After being sold the role by an ex-colleague, Mun-Yee started her role as a National Account Manager (NAM) in the London office in February 2017, which then only had around 36 NAMs in the sales team. She was one of only eight women in the sales  team at the time, which took some adjusting to after her previous role.

“I wanted and needed a new challenge,” she shared. “I wanted to develop myself again so instead of going for a management role, which is what they questioned me about in the interview, but at the time I didn’t want a leadership position, I wanted to learn more about this new industry and organisation”.

It was a step back for her but a massive step forward in terms of her career progression. The year she spent working as a NAM was one of the best years in her career, and she had some real successes, getting zero billers to spend and turning relationships around with clients. She was at her peak.

“I felt like I was making huge steps in my career… And then I went on maternity leave,” she said.

“I am one of those people who cannot let go. I was in labour in the hospital messaging the team as I was so engrossed and committed to the job and my clients.”

After only taking seven months off for maternity, she was desperate to come back and continue her career while being a new mother. In the time she had been away, Indeed had grown massively as a business in the UK with new products and new people.

“It was a bit daunting coming back with the thought of missing all the changes and being left behind,” she confessed. “I came back to a completely new book of clients. After spending seven months out of the business with a baby, I thought how I am going to be able to have a professional conversation with adults again!”

Her confidence also took a hit while she was on maternity leave, which is why after seeing a Director position become available in the team, she decided not to go for it.

“I was coming back for a NAM role and didn’t even consider coming back for a Director role,” she said. “Why would they give that role to a mum returning to work, who also wanted a flexible schedule?”

Instead, she hyped herself up to start from scratch again, with a new set of clients until the sales training manager approached her wondering why she was not applying for the role knowing of Mun-Yee’s career progression plans. 

Together, they worked to build up her confidence and she finally went for the role, although she was secretly convinced she would not get it. 

“I wasn’t sure I could do the job,” she recounted. “I had been out of the business for seven months and I was going to have to learn so much again. I had imposter syndrome, thinking ‘Oh my god, I am not going to be able to do this’.”

But upon more self reflection, she realised there was no reason why she would not get the role, particularly after all the work she had put in, and knowing Indeed fostered a culture of equal opportunities. 

She also knew she had nothing to lose by putting her hand up for the role: “I went into the process with a positive mindset; if I got the role, great. If I didn’t, then I could continue to build on my success as a NAM, but with new clients.”

As it turned out, Mun-Yee had nothing to worry about. In April 2019, she was awarded the promotion to the role of Director of Sales and hasn’t looked back since.

“If I was to give any advice to women coming back from maternity leave, I would say remember all the hard work you put in before and successes you had,” she said.

“I was never someone who thought I would lose my self-confidence, but you have to remember you are still the same person as before going on leave. If anything, I have probably developed a lot more patience since becoming a mum!”

For more stories on #insideindeed, follow us on our Instagram and Facebook pages.



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